Saying that 2020 has been quite the year is a big understatement. On top of a global pandemic, severe economic strife, and the lives lost to COVID-19, 2020 could very well be the worst year in modern times thus far. As we were busy reading and answering emails to stay on top of things, we came across an old email from a few years back that pulled on our heartstrings.

Back in 2018, before all the crazy, unprecedented circumstances unfolded all around the world, we received a very nice and sweet poem from our happy clients, John Hess, DCN and Barbara Person. We’re sharing this to spread the Christmas cheer to everyone, owing to the fact that, even during a global pandemic, and economic distress, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. And without further ado…

Twas’ the night before Christmas,
And all through Marketing Land…
The little elves were busy,
Making grand 2019 plans…

Their children sat with them,
Their eyes all aglow…
With their logo’s, great pictures and catchy-words to show…

When what to my wondering eyes see and ears hear,
Vira – Kate, Ralph & Joy, on ZOOM magically appear!
They told us of things that can make business grow…
And their skills and expertise, put on quite a show!

Their Ad’s were smart, and catchy and fun,
Andi it hit our accounts like it was shot from a gun!
Letting Doctors know of our products and skills,
Just to help them help their patients resolve all their ills!

So as we move from 2018 into the New Year,
Our hopes are for sales-growth that will make us ALL cheer!

Thanks, Vira, Kate, Ralph, Joy, Susan and your whole Team!

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and especially Blessed New Year!

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