What started as a conversation with Chef Bella on what business to engage in during one of their private cooking lessons, Architect Magsie and wife Maria Rossini Valdez never thought that L’Muse would be realized during the time of pandemic.

L’Muse meaning wonder or beautiful, a name that will bring a classy and elegant dining experience to the local clientele within Zamboanga City.

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Meet the dynamic husband and wife team behind the brand.  From left to right: Architect Magsie Valdez with his wife Maria Rossini Valdez, who are both avid foodies and are passionate about quality and service. During the interview it was revealed that it took them 2 years to execute L’Muse to what it is today but they say you cannot rush a masterpiece!


The interiors were designed by both Arch. Magsie and Chef Bella and the result was an ambiance that is both modern and elegant, with a clean and minimalist décor.  And we love the  lightning of the place because it helps you appreciate the food that is being served. The tables and chairs are truly bespoke designs and every detail has been scrutinized to satisfy even the most demanding client.

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The menu during the launch was chosen to complement each other from quality Asian meats to classic European dishes and they dubbed it as Eurasian fusion. The meal was also complemented with the wine served during the meal.

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The piece de resistance from from this fantastic, gastronomical experience were

  • Greens, with their L’Muse dressing 
  • Al funghi Tartufo Pasta
  • Firecracker Chicken
  • Pan Seared Chicken With Herbs and Mediterranean Sauce
  • Singaporean Style Wagyu Steak With Black Pepper Sauce


Chef Bella Mari Chua is the powerhouse behind the excellent menu offerings. She describes herself as  child of God, Gastro traveler lass, Food consultant , Food developer and  Innovative Euro-Asian Chef. She trained at  the prestigious École Ducasse Manila and is also a well-known private chef to several celebrities and the elites of the city.

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Every  dish was made conscientiously, and were picked and chosen  by her  and the L’Muse brigade. Every element has been carefully selected to bring out the burst of flavors that will leave your senses clapping. L’Muse is truly a fusion of food and art in one package.

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Guest during the food tasting include:

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Left to Right Mr. Aldrich Jessie Climaco of Scrolls Printing Services, chatting with Chef Bella during the meal.

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Left to Right Mr. Jan Cristian Besinga of Fuerza de Zamboanga and Mr. John Teodoro of Juan Design Concept, enjoying a meal and a glass of wine.

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Left to Right: Sue B. De Vera and Lermz Quelly who also did a Facebook Live during the food tasting.


This article is first published at Rightjob Solutions. under the title L’Muse – A Food Tasting Experience




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