In practically any office job, we simply can’t avoid spreadsheets – they’re everywhere! If you find yourself having to do spreadsheet tasks often, you might as well get acquainted with hotkeys that will save you time and frustration!

We’ve compiled some useful and infrequently used hotkeys that will likely make your day to day spreadsheeting a little easier:

General Usage:

CTRL + SPACEHighlight entire column
Shift + SPACEHighlight entire row
CTRL + (-)Delete cell 
CTRL + (+)Insert cell
F2Edit cell
Alt + ENTERGo to next line in editing a cell
CTRL + HFind and replace
CTRL + SHIFT + LAdd filter to highlighted columns
CTRL + HOMEJump to the first cell in current sheet
CTRL + ENDJump to the last cell in current sheet


CTRL + SHIFT + ~Format cell to General
CTRL + SHIFT + $Format cell to Currency
CTRL + SHIFT + %Format cell to Percentage
CTRL + SHIFT + #Format cell to Date
CTRL + SHIFT + @Format cell to Time

Some other stuff that help

Work with spreadsheets long enough and you begin to wonder if stuff can be done even faster, especially if work needs to be done in a specific sequence. Enter macros – a handy tool that has been around for as long as Excel. 

In its most basic form, it can automate sequential repetitive tasks. In its most complex, it can become a full featured application! Creating macros can be as easy as recording what you are doing, the possibilities are endless!

To record Macros

  • Office 365 version – View Tab > Macros > Record Macro
  • 2016/earlier versions
    • Enable the Developer tab (if the tab is missing)
      • File tab > Options > Customize Ribbon.
      • Main Tabs > tick Developer check box > Click Ok
    • Developer tab > Record Macro.

Now go and be the next Excel guru in your workplace and blaze through all your spreadsheets with ease!

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