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From doing freelance work to running a drop-shipping store or wellness coaching service, there is a whole range of business ideas that people can implement to fully enjoy the benefits of working from home. But what happens when your ideas and success outgrow your square footage? How do you stay on the cutting edge of sales and advertising?

Eventually, you need to consider expanding your surroundings and likely upgrading to a bigger house more suited to your home business needs. When you’re ready to take the dive into buying a new home, RightJob Solutions suggests you start by looking at three essentials that aid in your continued business success.

  1. Prime Location
    You’ve heard that location is everything, and it’s true of both business and your residence. Even though your home might not be a brick-and-mortar store that clients visit (or it might be, depending on the type of business you run), and you’re able to do the bulk of your advertising for free via social media, you still need a centrally located house that puts you close to either your target market or the means of reaching your target clientele.

    For example, if you run an online store, it would make sense to choose a home that is not too far from the post office or a convenient package pickup spot. If you are running a nail salon from your home, you want to be located in an easy-to-navigate neighborhood so clients can find you for their appointments.

    Your location can also greatly affect your taxes as a business, and you need to make sure your home is zoned for business in your neighborhood. Scouting out this information ahead of time will help you to choose an ideal location for your company.
  1. Home Office and Storage
    When you’ve outgrown your space, it can be tempting to snag the first larger property that comes along. However, it’s critical that you allow not only for your current needs, but also for projected needs. Will you need extra parking for clients or delivery vans? What about hired help? Or do you need more space for expanding production? Beware of purchasing a home “as is” just because it has more space. These homes often have major issues such as a leaking roof, structural problems, or mold complications.

    You need plenty of storage space if you are holding onto client files or need to maintain supplies or inventory. In addition to looking for a new home with lots of storage, make sure your intended office area has good lighting and can maintain a suitable temperature.

    If you know you need more space in your home to do business, then it’s essential to research home prices so you can formulate a realistic budget. If you let your real estate agent know ahead of time what you want in your new home, she can ensure a potential office space is included in your home search.
  1. Reliable Internet Connection
    Working from home means doing a lot of your business over the internet, either through email or virtual meetings. That’s especially true for the marketing side of things, since many businesses these days conduct the bulk of their advertising via social media. So having a solid internet connection is vital to keep your business running.

    Make sure your home is located in an area with a strong, reliable internet connection — but keep in mind working online also means you need to know how to protect yourself. Make sure to get educated on the risks and signs of identity theft and invest in good cybersecurity to keep not only your information safe but also your clients. Online safety should be a priority when doing any business online, especially from home.

    Make sure you have the space you need to do your business right. As your company grows, it’s normal to need a bigger house and a new location. When you start your new home search, keep in mind these three essentials.
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3 Essentials Your New Home Requires for a Successful Business

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